Beautiful, Functional Websites for Creative Professionals and Small Businesses


Stirtingale is a UK-based boutique web design studio specialising in crafting stunning and functional websites for creative professionals.

Led by Thomas James Hole, we handle everything from consulting and planning to site design, development, and launch—allowing you to focus on what inspires you.

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Our full-service process spans discovery, UX planning, interactive prototyping, branding, visual design, development, testing, and launch optimisation.

We typically spend 6-12 weeks collaborating with each client from our initial meeting to launch.

Investment ranges from ~£3k to £15k+ per project.

Carbon Negative

2.64tCO2e produced
(July 2023 to June 2024)
6tCO2e removed
(July 2023 to June 2024)

We are proud to be a carbon-negative company.

We actively monitor our carbon footprint and support nature-based carbon dioxide removal method which, as well as absorbing carbon, can enhance biodiversity, ecosystem services, employment and local livelihoods.

Our annual carbon emissions are 2.64tCO2e per year.

This year we have supported projects to remove carbon and restore wildflowers, wetlands and wildlife habitats, in additional to supporting tree planting projects, through Bristol based Ecologi, making us carbon negative.

100 Trees Planted
Why we don’t count tree planting as removed carbon
(July 2023 to June 2024)


🇬🇧 Based in beautiful Bath we have worked with clients all over the world to build everything from personal portfolios to large e-commerce solutions.

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