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Google Images will now display IPTC copyright metadata in search

Google has had a pretty rough relationships with photographers.

Today it announced a small measure that should go some way toward making image rights holders a little happier.

Google has worked with IPTC (International Press Telecommunications Council) to add Creator and Credit meta-data whenever found to images on Google Images

IPTC is a standards consortium that constitutes some of the world’s biggest news agencies, including the BBC, Associated Press (AP), Agence France-Presse (AFP), and the New York Times.

'Google IPTC Data added to search'

Source: Google Blog

An images copyright tag can be modified in Lightroom via Library > Metadata > Copyright, Copyright Status, Creator.

'Lightroom Add Copyright'

Copyright data can also be added automatically to images on import via the ‘Apply During Import’ meta-data panel.

Lightroom will always write copyright meta-data on image export.

'Lightroom Add Copyright'

Photoshop allows modification of meta-data via File > File Info

'Lightroom Add Copyright'
'Lightroom Add Copyright'

If you an unafraid of using command line the excellent EXIFTOOL allows you to modify a range of metadata.

If you wish to write copyright to every image in a directly you can use a wildcard *

exiftool -overwrite_original -copyright="2018 Copyright Holders Name" -creator="Creator Name" filename.jpg
exiftool -overwrite_original -copyright="2018 Copyright Holders Name" -creator="Creator Name" *.jpg

Including the -overwrite_original tag will overwrite the existing file.

Removing the -overwrite_original tag will create a copy of your original file with the filename .jpg_original.

'Use EXIFTOOl to add copyright info'

You can use exiftool -a -S -copyright * to view the copyright data attached to every file in a directory.

You can use exiftool -a -S -copyright filename.jpg to display a single files copyright data.

For more information read IPTC standards guidelines